Senate President, Tom Tavares-Finson says he upheld the law in proceeding to table a report that the Integrity Commission asked to be withdrawn.

Mr. Tavares-Finson says arrangements for the tabling of documents were tightened after a prior letter from the Commission was pulled from the parliamentary registry.

Mr. Finson is alluding to a letter sent by the Commission stating that Prime Minister Andrew Holness had no case to answer in their conflict of interest probe.

During a hearing of a Parliament Oversight Committee, the Commission’s Executive Director Greg Christie said the letter was not resubmitted alongside the report which accused Mr. Holness of said breaches.

The ruling was ultimately published two days after the damaging report had already circulated widely in the public domain.

The Senate President says his actions are not a deliberate attempt to punish the Commission, but to ensure transparency and accountability.

Tom Tavares Finson, President of the Senate.