The attorney representing entertainer, George Nooks, is trying to get the cocaine charges against him dropped.

Queens Counsel, Tom Tavares-Finson, is arguing that there’s an inconsistency in the case.

Nooks appeared in the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporate court this morning for cocaine possession.

Mr. Tavares Finson says the Superintendent in charge of the Narcotics Division, who was also the officer in charge of the operation when Nooks was arrested, has given a completely different location of the crime, from the one given this morning.

He says the Superintendent reported that Nooks was held at his home.

However, the investigating officer who was in court this morning, says Nooks was arrested at the Duhaney Park plaza.

Mr Tavares Finson says he’s asked the clerk of court to review the file with a view not to proceed further due to what he describes as a “major conflict” regarding the information.

He says the inconsistency cannot be credibly explained.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tavares Finson says his client is deeply distressed by the charges. He says it’s affected Nooks’ capacity to earn and relate to his fan base. He says this sort of allegation is also contrary to everything his client believes and his lifestyle.

The matter is set for mention again on June 28.