Members of the Route Taxi Association Alliance say their call for an 80 percent increase in taxi fares is a starting point for negotiation and are vowing better service from operators will flow from the upward movement in cost.

President of the National Council of Taxi Associations, NCOTA, Allan Blair, says an 80 per cent increase is justifiable based on their cost benefit analysis.

Transport Minister, Robert Montague, said a fare adjustment is inevitable and is on the horizon.

However, he said discussions will have to continue with Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, before arriving at a decision.

Mr. Blair says much of the issues caused on the roads are as a result of illegal taxi operators and not his membership.

He says while much of their negotiations with the government will remain private at this time they believe the increase in fares will bring greater discipline on the roads.

Meanwhile, President of the Route Taxi Association of Jamaica, Sophia Campbell, says nothing less than 80 per cent would be helpful to the association.

She says much of their inputs have gone up by more than one-hundred per cent.

Sophia Campbell, President of the Route Taxi Association of Jamaica.