President of the All Voice Taxi Association, Lorraine Fennikin, says the withdrawal of services by several bus and taxi operators across the island on Monday is set to continue today.

Mr. Finnikin was speaking on Nationwide at Five on Monday.

Scores of bus and taxi operators withdrew their services in protest at what they call an unjust demerit points system outlined under the new Road Traffic Act. They say they are working under the threat of having their licences suspended if they accumulate 10 or more demerit points.

Mr. Finnikin says the directive from the leaders of the established taxi association groups for their members to await the conclusion of discussions aimed at addressing the issue, was largely ignored.

Meanwhile, Mr. Finnikin says taxi operators have no control over some of the offences that will result in demerit points. He says some offences are unavoidable once you drive a motor vehicle.

According to Mr. Finnikin, these unavoidable offences should not fall under the demerit points regime.

Lorraine Finnikin, President of the All Voice Taxi Association.

And Managing Director of the Transport Authority, Ralston Smith, says he’s upbeat about the likely outcome of Tuesday’s meeting of transport stakeholders aimed at resolving contentious aspects of the demerit points regime under the Road Traffic Act.

Ralston Smith, Managing Director of the Transport Authority.

And Director General of the Island Traffic Authority, Colonel Daniel Pryce, is urging bus and taxi operators to continue offering their services to the public even as discussions continue to resolve matters of concern under the Road Traffic Act.

Colonel Pryce accepts that there is legitimacy to the grievances of the transport providers.

Colonel Daniel Pryce, Director General of the Island Traffic Authority.

Mahiri Stewart contributed to this report.