Tivoli Gardens resident, Marjorie Hinds, broke down in tears today as she testified at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

She was recalling a visit she made to the hospital after sustaining injuries from a mortar that she said knocked her unconscious, during the security forces operation to capture ‘Dudus’.

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And Miss Hinds says she’s still unable to use her right hand following the injuries she sustained in 2010.

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A medical report read into evidence during the proceedings says there’s no clinical evidence that she’s suffered permanent injury.

Meanwhile Miss Hinds today claimed that US based journalist, Mattathias Schwartz, was a liar, after he published an article with claims she says she did not make.

She acknowledged that Mr. Schwartz had interviewed her for an article he was writing about the 2010 security forces operation inside Tivoli Gardens.

But under cross examination from Linton Gordon, the attorney for the JDF, Miss Hinds denied some of the statements attributed to her in the article.

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Miss Hinds says there was no way she could have given anyone that information.

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Marjorie Hinds, a resident of Tivoli, testifying at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.