Telecommunications Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, says he did not authorise the sale of telecommunication’s company Caricel.

According to the Minister, any sale of Caricel would need ministerial approval as required by law.

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The Telecommunications Act of 2000 says the holder of a license needs the prior approval of the portfolio Minister to ‘assign its license or any rights thereunder or transfer control of its operations’.

Two weeks ago Caricel’s parent company, Symbiote Investments Limited, in a media statement said it sold it’s controlling interest in the telecommunications company to a South African entity, Involution Limited.

The company says the terms of the deal were negotiated last October.

When contacted by our news centre today, CEO of Caricel, Lowell Lawrence says he’ll not be commenting.

But, it has since being shrouded in controversy after Contractor General, Dirk Harrison, recommended the government reconsider the issuance of the license.

It’s also been said the company isn’t fit and proper to be granted a telecommunications license.