Nationwide News understands that the secretariat of the Opposition PNP has called an emergency meeting to discuss rising tensions among comrades in the North East St. Elizabeth constituency.

The tensions are rising ahead of the May 20 candidate selection exercise which is to take place to determine who’ll be the PNP candidate for the constituency in the next general election.
PNP Deputy General Secretary, Basil Waite and former Mayor of Black River, Everton Fisher, are the aspirants seeking to represent the party in the rural stronghold of North East St. Elizabeth.

Tension is mounting between both camps after some comrades posted on social media concerns about Mr. Waite’s suitability to be a Member of Parliament.

Waite’s camp is accusing some influential comrades in the constituency of attempting to sully his name.

One senior PNP insider told our news center today that there’s also mounting concern among some comrades that influential forces in the PNP leadership and secretariat have inserted themselves into the selection process in a bid to ensure Mr. Waite wins the selection contest.

Calls placed this afternoon to PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, were not answered.
Today’s meeting to discuss the conflict took place at the PNP Old Hope Road Headquarters.

Mr. Robinson along with some members of the PNP North East St. Elizabeth constituency executive reportedly attended the meeting

The candidate selection process has become necessary following an indication from incumbent North St. Elizabeth MP, Evon Redman, that he’ll not seek re-election in the next General Election.

Meanwhile, in a statement this afternoon, the PNP said it wishes to confirm that it’ll host a Selection Conference on May 20 this year at the St. Elizabeth Technical High School, STETHS.

The PNP says the two aspirants, Basil Waite and Everton Fisher, were interviewed and approved by the Party’s Integrity Commission.

According to the PNP, both aspirants have signed the Party’s Code of Conduct and have committed to conduct a clean campaign.

The PNP says the candidates have committed to holding their supporters responsible for any actions which may bring the Party into disrepute. Mr. Robinson will be the Director of Elections

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