New State Minister in the Ministry of Education Youth and Information, Alando Terrelonge, says he views the shift from his previous post at the Ministry of Sports, Culture, Gender and Entertainment, as an upgrade.

Mr Terrelonge, who’s an attorney-at-law, was among three Parliamentarians who were shifted in Wednesday’s mini Cabinet reshuffle.

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He says he’s excited to get to work on all the portfolios in his new Ministry.

Mr Terrelonge says he’s especially looking forward to championing the rights of children, including the right to access education and eliminating discrimination.

The State Minister is also urging parents to engage in properly planned parenthood.

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Former Minister without Porfolio in the Finance Ministry, Fayval Williams, was appointed Minister of Science, Energy and Technology. The former State Minister in the Education Youth and Information Ministry, Floyd Green, is now the Junior Minister in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries.