The Police say the reputed leader of the feared Spanish Town-based Clansman Gang, Tesha Miller, is still at large.

Last night the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch, C-TOC, listed Miller as a person of interest.

Up to late this afternoon sources in the Police High Command indicated that Miller has not yet reported.

Miller’s attorney Bert Samuels told our news center this afternoon that he has not yet been able to contact his client.

Tesha Miller is being asked to report to Police personnel at the Major Investigation Division located at 2-hundred-and-30 Spanish Town Road by midday tomorrow.

According to the Police, Miller was designated a ‘Person of Interest’ following intensive investigations and intelligence-led operations, by senior detectives at C-TOC and the MID.

The police say they’ve recently recorded an increase in murders and other violent crimes in St. Catherine, particularly the Spanish Town area, where they say the Clansman Gang is active.

A statement from the High Command, says during the first quarter of this year while Miller was incarcerated overseas, St. Catherine recorded a 48-percent reduction in murders when compared to the same period last year.

That was the lowest number of murders in that area for the past five years.
But the Police say since Miller’s arrival there’s been a noticeable increase in gang violence.

According to the Police, they believe Tesha Miller can help with the investigation of a number of murders in Spanish Town and Portmore.

They say most of the killings have been linked to an internal feud in Clansman Gang since Miller’s return on March 29 this year.