William Mitchell reports.

The attorney representing Tesha Miller, Bert Samuels, is expected to tell the court his client has no case to answer when Miller’s trial resumes tomorrow.

Miller is charged with being an accessory before and after the fact to murder.

That’s in relation to the killing of then Jamaica Urban Transit Company Chairman, Douglas Chambers.

The prosecution in the trial of Tesha Miller rested its case.

Their star witness told the court that Miller is the leader of the Klansman Gang.

The witness also told the court, Miller is the one who gave the order to kill Douglas Chambers.

And that, the assassination was commissioned as part of a contract.
According to the witness, the killing was done by Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan and another man who’s since been killed.

Bryan was found not guilty of the murder of Mr. Chambers when he went on trial in 2016.

But, he’s now before the court on Anti-Gang charges.

Over six days of evidence, the witness detailed what he told the court was the inner workings of the gang.

And also said he came forward because he was frustrated with gang life and wanted to do something to change gang culture.

He says he’s also lost 13 family members in 2 years.

The witness says what he’s told the court is the truth and he didn’t come forward to benefit from a plea bargain.

Although, in a year and a half the witness will be able to take up parole under the terms of the bargain.

Though, he says he prefers to stay in jail.

The prosecution decided to rest its case after telling the court it can’t locate the second witness it has against Miller.

After the prosecution rested its case, Mr. Samuels asked the court for the rest of the day to prepare his submission.

He indicated that he intends to ask the court to free Miller.

Mr. Samuels indicated he plans to do so because his client has no case to answer.

Mr. Samuels is expected to start his submission at 10 tomorrow morning.