William Mitchell reports.

The prosecution’s star witness in the case against Tesha Miller detailed for the Supreme Court, the alleged inner workings of the Spanish Town, St. Catherine-based Klansman Gang.

The witness also described what he said was the gang’s hierarchy and the role he and Miller allegedly played in the criminal organisation.

The witness also told the court he decided to give evidence against Miller because he’s frustrated with the alleged activities of the gang and wanted to put a stop to it.

Miller is on trial for being an accessory before and after the fact to murder.

The charge is in relation to the killing of the Chairman of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, Douglas Chambers, in June 2008.

The State’s main witness told the court he’s been a member of the Klansman gang since he was 13 years old.

The 29-year-old witness is currently serving a murder sentence for a crime he said he committed in while he was a member of the gang.

According to the star witness, he played the role of an area leader before his incarceration.

He told the court that in that role he carried out duties on the instruction of Tesha Miller.

He gave evidence that those duties included killing and robbing people.

According to the witness, his other duties involved shootings and collecting money gained through extortion.

When asked by the prosecution what role Tesha Miller played in the Klansman Gang, the witness told the court “him a di don.”

When asked to explain Miller’s role, the witness said Miller would “support the yute them economically and to hold the peace in a the community.”

The witness explained to the court that support meant Miller gave members of the gang money, guns and would rent cars for them to drive.

The witness also gave evidence that in addition to the don and area leaders, the gang also had foot soldiers, who played the role of lookout for the police and other people unfamiliar to the community.

The witness said the Klansman gang has persons who act as ground commanders, whose role it is to financially support gangsters who’re behind bars.

The witness said that financial support would come from the extortion money that was collected.

He told the court that the extortion money would also be used to pay the lawyers representing the gangsters.

The attorney representing Miller, Bert Samuels, raised an objection at this point.

Mr. Samuels said the witness’ evidence brings the legal profession into disrepute.

He asked the judge to have the comment struck from the record.

The trial judge, Justice Georgiana Fraser, then instructed the jury to disregard the answer.

According to the witness, during his time as a member of the Klansman gang, he had never received an order from Miller that he didn’t carry out.

The witness told the court that if he were to disobey those orders “me would a dead because it would a be a violation to the boss, Tesha Miller.

According to the main witness, he’s giving evidence because he’s now weary of his lifestyle.

“Sometimes where things come up, you have to take a stand to end all of it. I have to take a stand in a the circumstances cause sometimes you fed up with what’s going on and it’s time to put a stop to everything – the shooting, the robbery, the murder, the extortion, ” he told the court.

The witness said wants to put a stop to everything because 13 of his family members were killed between 2013 and 2015.

The trial is expected to continue on Monday.