Nationwide News can reveal details of the new contract that the Dennis Wright-chaired board meeting agreed to approve last Monday, November 15 for CCA Capital Partners Limited.

And a former Chairman of CAP, Dennis Morgan, is denying knowledge of the five payments to CCA Capital Partners that were made last year.

When contacted last evening by Nationwide News, Mr. Morgan disclosed that Dennis Wright had introduced CCA Capital Partners to the board of Clarendon Alumina Production.

Ricardo Brooks has the first of our reports on the growing CAP Scandal.

Prime Minister Holness intervened last Thursday evening by directing that the renewal of the CCA contract be halted.

This after Nationwide News broke the story that morning that then Chairman of CAP, Norman Reid, resigned in protest against the decision of an extra-ordinary board meeting chaired by his Deputy, Dennis Wright, to renew the contract.

Nationwide has now obtained a copy of the contract that the meeting signed off on at the urging of Wright.

It reveals that CCA Capital Partners stood to gain much more than the previous four six-monthly contracts it had with Clarendon Alumina Productions.

Under this contract, CCA would earn US $106,000 or just over JMD $16-million over six months. And potentially much more. Why?

The original contract was structured so that CCA would be paid an engagement fee of US $10,000 plus anotherUS $10,000 per month for work done.

Under the new contract that’s halted, the CAP board instructed its General Manager, Shanice Nesbeth, to go tidy up and sign, what would amount to four times the fees to be paid for work done by CCA.

In addition, CCA is to be paid an hourly rate of US $260 to provide general advice and attend meetings on behalf of CAP. There’s no limit, or cap, to the number of hours CCA could claim under this provision.

This was the General Manager of CAP, Shanice Nesbeth, and two of the company’s Directors, Kemoy Lindsay and Michael Schloss, speaking on Cliff Hughes Online last Thursday November 18, 2021.

But according to the contract sent from CCA Capital Partners and addressed to Ms. Nesbeth, that we have in our possession, there was in fact a figure on the table.

That contract from the President and CEO of CCA, Andrew Simpson, is dated Tuesday, November 9, 2021. Nine days before Nesbeth, Schloss and Lindsay appeared on Nationwide.

CCA Partners Limited was asking for US $106,000 to complete eight of the 13 tasks under the new contract. And we say ‘asked’ because it was written and signed by Andrew Simpson and sent to the General Manager for her to sign on behalf of CAP.

The “advisory, facilitatory and related services” consultancy was proposed to become effective on October 12, 2021.

It was to run for another period of 6 months. This would be fifth renewal.

At that extra-ordinary board meeting on November 15, 2021, Deputy Chairman, Dennis Wright, mandated the General Manager to “tidy up” and sign the contract with CCA Partners Limited.

The first schedule of the contract outlines the tasks to be completed by CCA.

Among them, the consultancy would appoint and lead a team to spearhead negotiations related to the process of transforming Jamalco into an incorporated entity.

CCA was also to appoint a team to develop a post incorporation Business Plan for Jamalco for presentation to the Ministry of Mining by February next year.

CCA was further tasked with appointing an auditor or HR consultant and manage the process of carrying out an audit and restructuring of the senior management structures at Jamalco.

The Andrew Simpson led company was also tasked with providing general advisory services to the Executive Management of CAP at US $260 per hour.

CCA was also being asked to attend executive committee and operations meetings as an observer whenever so required by CAP and research and provide recommendations and support the CAP General Manager in negotiations.

It’s not immediately clear what bidding or tender process was used to determine that CCA was the most suited company to perform these functions on behalf of CAP.

It’s also not clear whether the competencies required for these tasks are not in the government, such as the Finance Ministry and the Jamaica Bauxite Institute.

Last Thursday the Prime Minister instructed Mining Minister, Robert Montague, to provide Cabinet with a report on what’s unfolding at CAP.

However, there was no stated time line for the report to be submitted to Cabinet.

The Cabinet is scheduled to meet this morning, and according to sources in the administration, the scandal at CAP is expected to be on the agenda.