Colonel of the Accompong Town Maroons, Chief Richard Currie says there was an attempt over the weekend at a constitutional coup to push him out of office.

The Maroon Chief was speaking in a live stream broadcast on his Instagram page last night.

The 20-minute live stream follows reports that Colonel Currie was ousted in a vote by the Accompong Town Maroon Council of Elders.

Chief Currie has rubbished the report as false.

During his live stream, the Colonel claimed there were enemies around him.

Currie alleges that a handful of Maroons were responsible for what he described as their deceptive plans.

The Accompong Colonel claims secret meetings were held to oust him.

He argued that there’s nothing in the Constitution of the Sovereign State of Accompany that allows secret voting to oust a lawful leader.

According to Chief Currie, as the law stipulates, no trial was held by the full Maroon Council about his leadership.

Chief Richard Currie, Colonel of the Accompong Town Maroons.

Chief Currie cited the constitution which says in the event of impeachment or removal of a Chief, Deputy Chief and any of the Council members, they will be tried by the Executive Council.

The findings of the Executive Council will be brought to the full Maroon Council for review.

If the individual is found guilty, a meeting of the Full Maroon Council will be called with the Maroon citizens of the Sovereign State of Accompong to reveal the findings.

A vote will be taken by written ballots for the removal or impeachment of the Chief, the Deputy Chief or any Council members.