Telecommunications providers FLOW and Digicel say their efforts to restore service following Hurricane Beryl are being hampered by vandals and fuel thieves.

Speaking on Nationwide This Morning on Monday, company representatives referenced incidents of the disappearance of hundreds of gallons of fuel from cell sites across the country.

At Digicel, head of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Elon Parkinson says the company has had at least three incidents.

Elon Parkinson, head of communications for Digicel.

He says there was one incident in St. James and another in St. Ann. A third occurred in another parish.

Parkinson says Digicel has, so far, repaired half of the 600 cell sites that were impacted by Hurricane Beryl.

For its part, FLOW says it has restored fixed telephone service to just under 48,000 of its customers.

The company’s communications manager, Ceila Morgan, says in addition to fuel theft, part of the challenge is that some 50 of the company’s generators have been vandalised beyond functionality.

Ceila Morgan, Manager of Communications at FLOW.