Three members of the Constabulary Force were shot and injured in two separate incidents hours apart yesterday.

According to police, two officers were shot on Spanish Town Road in St. Andrew last evening. They’re both in hospital. Police have not disclosed details surrounding the incident.

Earlier in the day, around 12:45 in the afternoon another police officer was shot while performing traffic duty on the PJ Patterson Highway in Spanish Town.

Two children – a fourteen year old boy and a 17 year old girl – were also shot during the incident.

Police report that a team was conducting a check point on the toll road when they signaled the driver of a Toyota Corolla to stop.

They say the driver stopped, but when the officers approached the car, two men came out and opened fire on them.

They say a shoot out ensued. After the shooting subsided, it was discovered that one of the officers and the two teenagers had been shot.

They’re being treated at hospital. The gunmen escaped in a nearby community. The driver who fled the scene was later accosted and is now in Police custody.