Seven people were shot, three fatally, during a shooting by gunmen last evening in Hanover.

One of the deceased men has been identified as Omar Mahabee, a shopkeeper who is said to be in his thirties. 

Another is known as ‘Michael’ while the identity of the third is not yet known.

The shooting took place at a mini-mart located at the Logwood/Santoy crossroads shortly after 7:00 last evening.

Reports are that Mahabee was apparently assisting his father-in-law, Michael with the installation of CCTV cameras at the mini-mart when gunmen posing as customers opened fire on people on the outside.

Two died on the spot and were removed to Doyle’s Funeral Home after the crime scene was processed at around 12:35 this morning. 

The third man, Mahabee, was pronounced dead at the Noel Holmes Hospital in the parish.

A cousin of Mahabee, who operates a taxi and did not wish to be identified, told Nationwide News that he last saw his cousin earlier in the day after delivering groceries purchased in Lucea at Mahabee’s shop in Logwood. 

It was not too long after the cousin received a call from overseas informing him of Mahabee’s death. The man said the loss of his cousin is devastating.

The relative of Mahabee who did not wish to be identified.

Mahabee was said to be the bread winner of the family. It’s reported he left behind five children.