Director of the Audit and Complaints Department at the Firearms Licensing Authority, Michael Dixon, is among three employees of the agency who’ve been fired.

Mr. Dixon and the two other employees from his department were sacked yesterday, with immediate effect.

The letter of dismissal was sent to Mr. Dixon yesterday by FLA CEO, Shane Dalling.

The letter does not state why he’s been terminated.

It orders the former Director to return all items belonging to the agency.

The correspondence notes that although he’s being sacked with immediate effect, he will be paid three months salary due to his contractual arrangements with the Authority.

The FLA CEO also thanked Mr. Dixon for his services.

Dixon has reportedly been employed to the FLA for several years.

Meanwhile, in another development, it’s understood that the Police probe into alleged activities at the Firearms Licensing Authority has widened.

Investigators from the Major Organized Crime and Anti Corruption Agency, MOCA, are now probing over 2-hundred-50 files in which there are questions about the circumstances in which gun licenses were issued to applicants.

Files under investigation relate to licenses issued between 2011 and 2017.