The communities of Tavern and Mona Commons in the Papine, St. Andrew are on edge this afternoon after the area was rocked by three murders last night.

Four other people are in hospital nursing gunshot wounds after two shooting incidents — one in each community.

Dead are 52-year-old construction worker, Lewis McDonald, 29-year-old Javavo Wint, and 38-year-old businessman, Damion Williams, otherwise called ‘Ugly Man’.

In the first incident about 9 o’clock last night, in Tavern, McDonald, and Wint were at a shed with four other people when men armed with rifles and handguns approached them. The assailants opened fire hitting all six people.

They were taken to the hospital where McDonald was pronounced dead on arrival.

Wint died while receiving treatment.

About 20 minutes after that shooting incident in Tavern, Williams was at home in Mona Commons with his relatives when neighbours alerted him to a blaze at his gate.

The car of a relative was set on fire.

Williams along with relatives and neighbours extinguished the blaze.
He was then approached by a group of men carrying rifles and handguns.

They opened fire hitting him.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

When our news centre spoke with residents in the area, they expressed their belief that Williams was killed in an act of reprisal for the shooting incident in Tavern.

The police are investigating both incidents.