Central Kingston MP, the People’s National Party’s Reverend Ronald Thwaites has been threatening to resign the post since 2016 to prevent a political challenge at the constituency’s annual conference.

That’s according to failed contender for the People’s National Party Chairmanship of the Central Kingston constituency, Lawrence Rowe. Mr Rowe made the allegation in a letter addressed to Comrades.

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He says Rev. Thwaites’ latest threat to resign was in August this year.

Mr. Rowe says the party responded to the threats by postponing the constituency conference.

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Rev. Thwaites staved off an internal party challenge from Lawrence Rowe at the constituency office on North Avenue on the weekend.

Seventy-five delegates were eligible to vote. Rev. Thwaites, who’s been MP for over 20 years won with 43 votes. Mr. Rowe secured 29 votes.

When Nationwide News contacted the MP last evening, he refused to comment on the letter written by Mr. Rowe.

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