Prime Minister Andrew Holness is insisting that the time has come for public sector transformation.

He declared today that his administration is urgently pressing ahead this fiscal year with a range of measures intended to make the public sector more efficient.

Mr. Holness says there’ll be some job displacement as the administration implements public sector transformation measures agreed in the first IMF agreement of 2013.

But he says the government is being sensitive and the number of potential job losses is nothing to be alarmed about.

The Prime Minister this afternoon gave an update on the public sector transformation plans as he delivered a policy statement at Jamaica House.

Mr. Holness says the transformation, which is to begin this year, will be implemented on a phased basis.

He says attrition, mergers and divestment will form the core of the transformation plans.

The Prime Minister says while the administration does not have a specific figure, the number of job losses will not be major.

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Mr. Holness outlined actions which will be taken this year.

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PM Holness says centralization of the human resource functions in various government agencies will also form part of the public sector transformation plans this year.

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The Prime Minister also addressed the divestment aspect of the public sector transformation strategy.

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