The Tivoli Committee is this afternoon raising concerns about the appropriateness of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Glenmore Hinds, being appointed as Acting Commissioner of the Constabulary Force.

This, following the announcement yesterday that Owen Ellington is to retire as Commissioner.

Convenor of the Tivoli Committee, Lloyd D’aguilar, has weighed in on the shocking and sudden announcement that Mr. Ellington is leaving the Force.

Lloyd D’aguilar says it’s ‘obvious something is amiss’ with Ellington’s sudden departure as Head of the Police Force.

A statement from the National security Ministry yesterday indicates that Commissioner Ellington has cited two main reasons for his early retirement.

For one, he supposedly did not want to get in the way of the impending West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

Mr. D’Aguilar says he’d long believed the Commissioner should have resigned in the immediate aftermath of the May 2010 Tivoli incursion which left over seventy people dead. Or be fired.

He’s not accepting Ellington’s explanation as a convincing reason four years later.

Mr. D’Aguilar is also sceptical about Ellington’s position on the ongoing death squad probe being carried out by the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM.

Commissioner Ellington says he doesn’t want there to be any perception of influence or interference in the matter, on his part.

D’Aguilar isn’t buying it.

Amid the speculation about Mr. Ellington’s surprising departure, the Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Derrick Smith, has also said he finds his reasons for quitting, difficult to accept.

And, Mr. D’Aguilar believes DCP Hinds should not be appointed Acting Commissioner because of the pending Commission of Enquiry.

DCP Hinds became Acting Commissioner today, as Mr. Ellington started his leave.

The Security Ministry says Ellington will not return as Commissioner, at the end of his leave.

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