Three Jamaicans whose lives have been affected by kidney disease, are set to be given a new lease on life this weekend.

This as a team from the UK based Transplants Links Community, TLC, is in Montego Bay, St. James to do the organ transplants.

Transplants Links Community, TLC, will work alongside Dr. Curtis Yeates and his colleagues at the Cornwall Regional Hospital to perform the surgical procedures this weekend.

This is the third visit to the hospital by the TLC team since 2013. The team is comprised of two surgeons, two kidney specialists and two support staff.

They are accompanied by TLC’s Executive Director, Jenny Jewitt-Harris. Mrs. Jewitt-Harris says there’s a high prevalence of kidney failure in Jamaica.

She says the country’s prevalence rate is high because of the number of persons with high blood pressure and diabetes.

Mrs. Jewitt-Harris is advising Jamaicans to look after their blood pressure and keep calories down.

She says TLC has a long term goal to establish a sustainable kidney transplant programme in Jamaica.

Meanwhile Ricardo White is one of three persons who benefited from a kidney transplant courtesy of TLC in 2013.

White says he’s feeling brilliant and is living life at 100 percent.

Wayne Bernard is alive today after a family member donated a kidney in 2013, which was also transplanted by the TLC team.

Bernard is urging persons who are on dialysis to watch their diet keenly.

Along with working in Jamaica, TLC has been supporting Trinidad and Tobago for the past ten years, racking up over 150 kidney transplants in the twin island republic.