The Opposition Spokesman on Local Government, Desmond McKenzie says he’s pleased the PNP administration has finally admitted that it postponed the local government elections because it was not ready to face the electorate.

Last week the Houses of Parliament approved a bill to postpone parish council polls to no later than December 29, next year.

Speaking recently at a divisional meeting in St. Elizabeth, the Chairman of the PNP’s Region Three, Phillip Paulwell, noted that the government is waiting for the most strategic time to call the elections.

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Mr. McKenzie says through its decision, the PNP have effectively denied Jamaicans their right to vote.

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PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke stated that a lack of funding was among the reasons for the postponement of the elections, alongside unresolved legal issues.

He also noted that the Electoral Office of Jamaica advised against having elections in June.

But Mr. McKenzie says Mr. Paulwell’s admission invalidates those reasons.

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