President of the People’s National Party’s Youth Organisation, PNPYO, Krystal Tomlinson, is sticking by her social media post comparing Prime Minister Andrew Holness to infamous Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler.

On Wednesday, Ms. Tomlinson received a torrent of criticism for her post on Twitter.

She later issued an apology for any offense caused by the statement.

Although she didn’t directly apologise for comparing Prime Minster Holness to the genocidal leader of Germany leading up to World War II.

In seeking to clarify her comments Ms. Tomlinson says she was comparing Prime Minister Holness to the Hitler’s early reign in Germany — the time before Hitler killed millions of Jewish and black people.

Ms. Tomlinson says she expressed an entire idea in a chain of tweets.

But people have chosen to focus on the particular tweet where she made the comparison to Hitler.

As such she says the essence of her argument has been misrepresented.