Mario Deane’s father, Nicholas, has labelled his son’s killing ‘a total injustice’.

The senior Mr. Deane says he wants ‘the system to be corrected’.

He made the comments yesterday while speaking at a press conference in downtown, Kingston.

A teary-eyed Nicholas Deane says he doesn’t want another family to endure the hurt and pain he’s felt over his son’s death.

Nicholas Deane, the father of Mario Deane.

And Mario Deane’s mother, Mercia Frazer, expressed similar sentiments.

She says she wants the country to unite around her son’s case.

Mercia Frazer, mother of Mario Deane.

In the meantime, the US civil rights lawyer who’s joined the legal team representing Mr. Deane’s family, Jasmine Rand, says the police must have heard Mr. Deane’s screams while he was being beaten.

Jasmine Rand, US civil rights lawyer.

She’s called on the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, to carry out a thorough and fair investigation into Mr. Deane’s killing.

She’s also called on other members of the international community to make their voices be heard on the matter.