Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett says he believes the country will be ready to reopen the cruise industry on or around October.

His comments come amid news that the globe’s biggest cruise company, Carnival Cruise, will resume travel to the West Indies.

The Vista, its biggest brand, is setting sail from Galveston to the western Caribbean this Saturday, July 3.

Minister Bartlett says the government is still working through the protocols that must now be implemented, adding that there’re challenges with its resumption in light of the pandemic.

He explained that the reluctance in the immediate reopening of the cruise industry is not only due to the slow roll-out of adequate vaccines but also the extent to which visitors using this medium are protected.

Meanwhile, Bartlett added that currently the government cannot make it mandatory for tourists using this medium of leisure to be fully vaccinated before coming on the island’s shores.

Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Abka Fitz-Henley and Danielle Archer.