Wayne Walker reports.

The Tourism Ministry says it expects improvement soon following what it describes as a bureaucratic move by the US State Department to urge people to reconsider non-essential travel plans to Jamaica due to COVID-19.

The US-based Center for Disease Control also issued a similar advisory concerning Jamaica.

Senior Advisor and Senior Strategist in the Tourism Ministry, Delano Seiveright, says despite the ranking, as a result of Jamaica’s handling of the prevailing pandemic, the country has received the internationally acclaimed safe travel stamp

The US State Department’s “Reconsider Non-essential Travel” designation is a Level 3 ranking.

The US, which has the highest COVID-19 infection and mortality numbers in the world, has also retained its Level 4 ranking for some other Caribbean territories.

Level 4 means do not travel.

Senior Advisor and Senior Strategist at the Tourism Ministry, Delano Seiveright is moving to assure stakeholders, following the development.

Mr. Seiveright say Jamaica’s management of the COVID-19 crisis continues to be highly regarded.

In the meantime, Mr. Seiveright says approximately 40-per cent of hotels in Jamaica are open, but occupancy remains low.

However, he says an improvement is expected later this year.

Delano Seiveright, Senior Advisor and Senior Strategist in the Tourism Ministry.