The Tourism Ministry is reacting with concern to proposals by the United States to demand a negative COVID test from all travelers to that country.

This includes US citizens returning home. 

According to US media, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is planning to issue the order as soon as Tuesday.

Senior Strategist in the Tourism Ministry, Delano Seivreight says the measure could impact the already hard hit tourism sector.

He says the government knew it was only a matter of time before the US took that move.

He says there’s still need for clarity on the proposal.

Delano Seivreight, Senior Strategist in the Tourism Ministry, speaking earlier with Nationwide News. 

The new requirement follows weeks of discussions among federal agencies and the White House coronavirus task force. 

The order is expected to go into effect January 26.

This comes weeks after the Trump administration imposed a testing requirement for travelers from the U.K.

That was in response to concerns about a more infectious strain of the virus that was detected in the UK.