Nationwide News understands that a date has been confirmed for the Trafigura matter to be publicly heard in the Supreme Court.

Last month Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llwelleyn, wrote to the Court Registrar requesting that summonses be issued to former PNP officials Portia Simpson Miller, Robert Pickersgill, business man Norton Hines and the party’s current chairman, Phillip Paulwell to appear and testify in open court.

This after the UK-based Privy Council dismissed an appeal against a ruling to have them publicly testify in the decade’s long legal drama.

Our sources say the Court Administration Division is now in the process of advising the PNP individuals of the date.

When contacted this afternoon, Director of Client Services and Information at the Court Administration Services, Kedeish Fletcher, says the Court will be first advising the individuals appearing in the matter before making the date public.