The Transport Authority is admitting that they’ve relaxed their efforts to remove illegal bus and taxis from the nation’s streets over the pat few weeks.

The Managing Director of the Transport Authority, Donald Foster, says the relaxation of the enforcement rules began about three weeks before the February 25 general elections. But he’s insisting that the decision was not made in an attempt to curry favour with the illegal operators, in exchange for votes on election day. Mr. Foster says the move was taken as a safety measure.

Legal taxi operators and the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, have been complaining for weeks that robot taxis have commandeered their routes, depriving them of vital revenue in the chase for passengers.

The legal operators say the robot taxi and busmen are also guilty of some of the worst driving on the roads, operating as if a road code does not exist.

Transport Minister Mike Henry told our news centre yesterday that he was investigating the matter. But the Transport Authority boss, Donald Foster, says his agents would have been exposed to physical harm, if they’d gone about seizing illegally operating vehicles during the election campaign period.

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Mr. Foster says it was simply a change in strategy.

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Mr. Foster says normal service has since been resumed.

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