The Transport Authority is temporarily re-opening almost 3,000 spaces on nearly 600 routes for public passenger vehicles for the Christmas period.

In a statement yesterday, the Authority says the routes, which were opened yesterday, will remain active until December 29.

The Authority says this will include 2,856 spaces on 506 routes for route taxis and 151 spaces on 78 routes for rural stage carriages island wide.

It says this is in order to increase the pool of legally-operated public transportation services.

The Transport Authority says it made the decision to reopen these routes based on a number of requests from stakeholders in the public transport sector.

Some of the re-opened routes include Lawrence Tavern to Mahoney, Bog Walk to Sligoville, Mandeville to Bellefield, Black River to New Market, Montego Bay to Meadows of Irwin and Ocho Rios to Hinds Town.

The Authority will also be reopening route spaces to benefit passengers travelling from Lucea to Claremont, High Gate to Islington, and Morant Bay to Duhaney Pen.

It says the complete list of routes will be published on the Authority’s Website at