The Transport Ministry is expressing concerns about the number of motorcyclists and their pillion riders killed in crashes this year.

Transport Minister, Mike Henry says of the 312 persons killed in crashes across the island, 106 were motorcyclists or pillion riders.

Mr. Henry is pleading with all motorists to be more responsible on the roads.

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In a statement to the media yesterday the Minister also pleaded with motorcyclists, saying if more of them wore protective helmets, the country’s road fatality rate would have been contained.

The Minister is also warning motorists that Fridays and Sundays are the two deadliest days of the week. He says this year, 58 persons were killed in traffic accidents on Sundays and 49 on Fridays.

Westmoreland has recorded the most road fatalities since the start of the year, with 47.

And St. James is in second with 23 deaths.

St. Thomas has so far recorded only nine deaths, making it the parish with the lowest numbers for the year.