Transport Minister Mike Henry has instructed the operators of the North South Highway and Highway 2000 to open the highway for free access to all motorists when Hurricane Matthew makes its final approach to the island.

He says this should be done during and immediately after the passage of the system as well, noting that he will be advising the operators shortly when this should be done.

In the meantime, he is advising motorists not to enter the Toll Booths demanding free passage before he makes the declaration.

The free passage being granted to motorists is in keeping with the terms and conditions of the Toll Roads Act.

Meanwhile, the Minister is urging motorists, in particular, those who operate public passenger vehicles to be on the alert.

He says as the storm gets nearer to the island, taxi operators should head for home.

Minister Henry is pleading with motorists and the general public not to attempt to access flooded roadways or to remove fallen power lines that may be a conductor of electricity.