One of the judges presiding at the Vybz Kartel retrial hearing launched a stout defence of the work of the Court of Appeal against a criticism of the length of time it originally took to hand down judgement in the matter.

Defence attorney John Clarke was making his submissions to the three judge panel when he cited the fact that the Court of Appeal took 21 months to hand down judgement in the matter in 2020.

Clarke noted that in contrast, it took the Privy Council one month to settle the appeal.

The UK based Court ultimately overturned the murder convictions citing significant jury issues. It, however, did not address the other points raised in the appeal.

The comparison did not sit well with Justice Marva McDonald Bishop, who sternly rebuked Clarke for raising the issue.

The presiding judge snapped back at Clarke, telling him to tread carefully “Don’t go there! The Privy Council examined one issue.”

The clearly incensed judge told an apologetic Clarke that the Privy Council chose to settle one narrow issue that any person without legal training could have dealt with.

As Clarke repeatedly apologised and attempted to point out he was not directly criticising the Court of Appeal, Justice McDonald Bishop pressed on “the damage is done!”

The Justice reminded Clarke that the Privy Council took one month to settle what she described as “one likkle issue”.

She maintained the Court of Appeal had to address all the areas of appeal placed before it during Kartel’s initial appeal.

Attorneys for Kartel, whose given name is Adijah Palmer, Shawn Campell, Andre St. John and Kahira Jones are at this hour making substantive arguments against a retrial.