Three Trinidadian nationals who are accused of being perpetrators of a credit card racket were denied bail when they appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court today.

A Jamaican national, Chad Williams, is also charged in connection with the alleged fraud. Williams was granted bail shortly after his arrest last week. But Senior Parish Court Judge, Judith Pusey, today ordered Williams be taken back into custody.

The accused Trinidadians are Rhenaldo Dick, Rhohan Mckain and Akeel Sullivan.

Police investigators say the men used thirteen fake Nova Scotia visa credit cards in the name Alan Kastelic to make purchases and pay for hotel rooms at the Marriott Hotel in New Kingston.

Checks were made by hotel staff and the cards were discovered to be fake. The men were subsequently arrested by the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch C-TOC. When their rooms were searched several fake credit cards were discovered in a garbage bin.

The attorney for McKain, Pierre Rodgers, told the Court today that his client was unaware of the use of the fake credit cards to pay for the rooms.

An appeal by Mr. Rogders for the men to be granted bail was denied.

The prosecution says Williams was caught on surveillance camera making purchases using one of the fake credit cards. He was later arrested after he was seen leaving one of the hotel rooms in which the men had checked in.

The police report says one forged credit card was found in Dick’s wallet and another in Sullivan’s possession.