Director of Security at the University of the West Indies Mona, Keith ‘Trinity’ Gardner, is linking the recent defacing of the Marcus Garvey bust at the institution to a recent spate of robberies.

The bust of the national hero, which is mounted in the Faculty of Humanities and Education, was doused with paint and what appears to be feathers some time on Tuesday.

Mr. Gardner, says there’s been a number of break-ins at the Faculty of Humanities and Education’s main office over the past three weeks.

He says the latest incident happened on Monday when a robber escaped on a bicycle, leaving behind several envelopes with cash that he’d taken from the office.

Mr. Gardner says investigations suggest the other break-ins were inside jobs.

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He says the police should make a breakthrough in both incidents soon.

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Mr. Gardner is also dismissing claims that the campus is not adequately secured. He says the institution is moving towards installing a security system with integrated technology.

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The bust of Marcus Garvey, which was created by well-known sculpture Raymond Watson, was erected in August.

It replaced a previous statue, by the same artiste, which was taken down amid heavy criticism.

There’ve been protests and complaints that neither of the statues resembles the national hero.