The Police say gang violence was behind the murder of three people in Salt Spring, St. James last night.

The three were among five people who were attacked by gunmen at a shop in the community.

Head of the St. James Police, Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor, says the five persons at the bar were attacked by 10 men armed with high powered rifles and shotguns.

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Those killed are 18 year old Sandrina Samuels, a bartender of Comma Pen, St. Elizabeth. 40-year-old Alphonso Foster, otherwise called ‘Gigsy’ or ‘Junior’, of Meggie Top in St. James, And 36-year-old Andre Barrett of Church Lane, also in St. James.

SSP McGregor says almost 80 spent shells were taken from the crime scene.

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SSP McGregor, says the killings are linked to an ongoing gang feud in St. James. He says there’s no evidence to suggest the incident was politically motivated.

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