A family of three were the victims of a gun attack last night in Waterford, St. Catherine.

Dead are 74-year-old Pamela Russell, her daughter 48-year-old Shemelia Russell Craig and her  21-year-old grandson Romario Craig.

All three were killed at home on Clandon road.

The Police say they were sitting in their living room at about 9:20 last night when they were pounced upon by unknown assailants.

The Russells were shot several times.

The triple murder is being investigated by the Portmore Police.

The family of three who were killed are the relatives of JLP Caretaker for the Waterford Division, Krisho Holmes.

Holmes confirmed a short while ago with Nationwide News that his family home was the scene of the gruesome attack last night.

His grandmother is among those who were killed.