Trinidad and Tobago’s Foreign Minister, Dennis Moses, says he’s has sent a ‘forceful’ letter to Jamaica’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Kamina Johnson-Smith.

This, as he’s complaining about the search of his colleague Minister Ayanna Webster-Roy at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, last week.

Mr. Moses yesterday told the Trinidadian Parliament that he’d expressed his concerns to the High Commissioners in both countries.

Mr. Moses says he’s made known Trinidad’s complaints to Minister Johnson-Smith.

He says he’s countered in a robust fashion whatever counter-arguments would’ve been presented.

Mr. Moses says he’d also ‘personally consulted’ with a number of the members of the delegation travelling with Mrs. Webster Roy to get ‘as much factual information as possible’.

He said he informed the High Commissioners of both Jamaica and Trinidad of the nature of his complaint before writing to Mrs. Johnson Smith.

He says his Ministry is working to ensure that incidents of searches being carried out on government officials travelling on diplomatic passports are minimized.

Minister Kamina Johnson Smith has already rejected reports that Jamaican immigration, customs or security personnel conducted the search of the Trinidad State Minister.

In a statement over the weekend, Mrs. Johnson Smith said the search was conducted by a private security company retained by the international airline on which the Minister was travelling.

She said she’s been advised that such searches are generally undertaken by the airline under international conventions, and are based on random computer selection.

Mrs. Johnson Smith said it’s clear that the search was in no way related to the issue of free movement under the Caribbean Single Market and Economy, nor was it related to the minister’s nationality.