Two earthquakes were recorded in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the last 48-hours.

The most recent tremor yesterday had a 5.2 magnitude. The other quake on Saturday had a 4.2 magnitude. Trinidad and Tobago is also being impacted by severe flooding in the last 72-hours. Thousands of citizens remain trapped in their homes by flood waters.

Shelters are also filling up with those who had to flee their homes. Rivers have overflowed and many roads have been rendered impassable.

Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister, Keith Rowley has declared the flooding a national disaster. Mr.Rowley says he’ll be approaching Cabinet for $25-million to aid with flood relief.

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Prime Minister Rowley made the announcement at a press conference over the weekend. Jamaica’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade says it is saddened by reports that citizens across Trinidad and Tobago have been adversely affected by devastating flooding brought about by torrential rainfall.

Portfolio Minister, Kamina Johnson Smith says this is yet another example of how the Caribbean is having to grapple with the very real effects of climate change.

She says there’s the need to continue to work together and advocate in the regional and multilateral spaces for strong global action and financing.

In a release to the media, Mrs. Johnson Smith says she has been in touch with the Trinidadian Government and the Jamaican High Commission in Trinidad and Tobago.