Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, says the next step in making Jamaica a healthier society will see the government focusing on controlling trans fats and sodium intake.

Eating trans fats increases one’s risk of developing heart disease and stroke while sodium or salt intake can lead to hypertension.

Minister Tufton says this thrust is in line with the government’s emphasis on the preventative approach to health care.

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Minister Tufton says the government is also keen to explore how trans fats and sodium is used in the country. He made the revelation today as he was giving an update on the government’s recent international meetings.

They include meetings in the United States with the World Health Organisation, WHO, Pan American Health Organisation, PAHO and a United Nation’s meeting on non-communicable diseases, NCDs.

Caribbean Moves, was launched at one of the meetings. It’s a variation of the Jamaica Moves Campaign introduced by the Health Ministry.

Minister Tufton says the adoption of the initiative on the Caribbean level is a testament to how effective the initiative has been in Jamaica.

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