At least two practicing prosecutors from the Eastern Caribbean are expressing surprise at finding that Jamaica is still debating the notion of granting prosecutors a right to appeal.

Director of Public Prosecutions for Belize, Cheryl Vidal, says that such a right is fundamental in ensuring justice is properly served.

Two crucial bills which propose to give prosecutors in Jamaica the conditional right of appeal were passed in the Senate on Friday despite the Opposition lawmakers opposing its passage.

The Opposition raised concerns that the legislation was open to abuse and undermines the judiciary.

However, Ms. Vidal, noted that such a right does not undermine the decisions made by the judiciary.

And an appeal will only be made if there’s a miscarriage of justice.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Public Prosecutions for St. Kitts & Nevis, Valston Graham, was also surprised to learn that this right was not available to the prosecution in Jamaica.

He said the law should not be silent where it concerns the proper course of justice being carried out on the part of the prosecution.

Valston Graham, Director of the Public Prosecutions for St. Kitts & Nevis.