Marketing and Communications Manager at the state owned bus company, the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, Reginald Allen, is accusing the University and Allied Workers Union, UAWU, of attempting to hold the company at ransom.

Mr. Allen’s made the accusation this afternoon as the JUTC’s management and UAWU are locked in a hearing of the termination of 11 drivers on allegations of fraud.

The UAWU is demanding that the drivers be reinstated. They are attempting to hold the JUTC at ransom!

That’s how Mr. Allen described the actions of the UAWU last week.

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Up to news time today the UAWU and the JUTC were still locked in an appeals process in an effort to resolve the dispute over the termination of the drivers.

Mr. Allen speaking to Nationwide News today criticized the union for seemingly attempting to ignore the formal process and strong arming the JUTC into a decision.

He says the union’s voicing issues which predate the current dispute in an attempt to muddy the waters.

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The Communications Manager says the company is attempting to balance the scale and has kept to it’s own council to avoid prejudicing either party.

He’s also defending the decision of the JUTC to dismiss the drivers.

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He says the state owned entity in it’s struggle against irregularities and questionable conduct by some of it’s employees acted on substantial evidence of wrong doing.

This despite the union questioning the veracity of the information.

Mr. Allen says the UAWU has attempted to bring the matter to the court of public opinion in an effort to overthrow the formal process.

He says statements by the union suggesting that normality cannot be guaranteed at the end of the process are tantamount to blackmail.