The Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees, UCASE, is requesting an increase for minimum wage earners ranging from 10 to 15 percent.

It’s calling for a 15-percent increase in basic pay for workers in the Commercial-Industrial category, 12-percent for security guards and 10-percent for household helpers.

The union wants a further 12-percent increase across the board in the second year.

UCASE is also suggesting that the current minimum wage system be reclassified into three different categories.

This, as the government has opened consultations for the 2017-2019 minimum wage claim period.

In a statement yesterday, UCASE is suggesting that the current classification of security guards and all other workers be distinguished between household helpers and Industrial and Commercial workers.

UCASE is justifying its proposed three category system on the basis that Industrial and Commercial businesses have the ability to pay their workers more than private households.

It says research shows that it’s the majority of middle-class employees who retain the services of household helpers.

UCASE says the majority of these employers are themselves public sector workers who’ve seen no real increases in their basic pay over the years.

It says this must be compared to the Industrial and Commercial businesses which it describes as “vibrant”

UCASE is also proposing the creation of a Joint Industrial Council to promote constructive discussion and representation for employers and workers.