At least two alleged members of the so-called Uchence Wilson-led gang were described as ‘a danger to their community’ when they appeared before Justice Georgiana Fraser in the Supreme Court yesterday.

This, as the presiding Judge denied bail to another six of the alleged gangsters. In handing down her decisions, Justice Fraser, ruled that none of the six were fit and proper for bail.

All 26 members of the gang will remain in custody until next month when they appear before the courts again.

The six accused denied bail in the Supreme Court yesterday are Ricardo Surju, Tasheena Baker, Cornel White, Derron Walters, Odeene Smith and Donovan Cole.

In making the bail application, Smith’s attorney, Sasha-Kay Shaw, argued that her client is the sole provider for his family. She also argued that her client cooperated with the police leading to the seizure of a firearm.

In examining the case, the judge pointed out that Smith is mentioned in a robbery in Kellits where it’s alleged Uchence Wilson and Michael Lamont shot and killed a man. Smith lives in Kellits.

Judge Fraser says Smith is not only linked to the gang but he’s also comfortable with having people invade his community. In denying bail, Judge Fraser says there’s every indication Smith could re-offend and he’s a threat to his community.

Meanwhile, Derron Walters’ attorney, Cecil Griffiths-Ashton, also argued that her client was the sole provider for his family of four.

Mrs Griffiths-Ashton further argued that her client denies knowing any alleged gang members. But the presiding Judge said Walters is accused of being involved in at least three robberies.

One of those robberies reportedly involved the alleged gangsters impersonating the police. Judge Fraser said based on the accusations, Walters is also a threat to his community. Another eight cases were adjourned until February 22 when all the alleged gangsters will return to court. These include the two members of the police force, Detective Corporal Lloyd Knight and Constable Stephan Martin.

One of the women connected to the gang, Judith Johnson, was denied bail last week. This means seven of the 26 alleged members of the gang have been denied bail.

The alleged gangsters were taken into custody in December by members of the Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism Branch, (C-TOC). They’re accused of several serious offences including murder, robbery and rape.

The gang is also believed to have racked up over $4-million in stolen items.