The prosecution is asking Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes, to accept the credibility of the state’s two witnesses in the Uchence Wilson Gang trial in the Supreme Court.

In closing arguments yesterday, the prosecution also asked the judge to reject the evidence of the alleged leader of the gang, Uchence Wilson, and his second in command Fitz Roy Scott.

Wilson and 17 others are accused of being members of a criminal organization, in breach of the Anti-Gang Law. 

The state’s two witnesses against the so-called Uchence Wilson gang testified they were members of the gang.

The prosecution told the court, who better to give evidence against the gang than people who were active members.

But when the prosecution told the court the witnesses have nothing to gain by giving evidence, Chief Justice Sykes objected.

The Chief Justice says the men haven’t been arrested or charged for any crime they’ve admitted to committing while they were active members of the gang.

The prosecution admitted that none of the two witnesses have been charged.

But the Crown says both witnesses voluntarily turned themselves into the police.

They say this adds credibility to their evidence.

According to the Crown, both state witnesses gave independent statements to the authorities detailing the role of each member of the gang.

Both witnesses also placed themselves at crime scenes where they say other members of the gang were present.

The Crown is asking the court to accept the witnesses as credible as both statements are ‘glaringly similar’.

Meanwhile the Crown is also asking the Judge to treat aspects of Wilson’s and Scott’s sworn evidence as untrue.

The Crown says the pair made untrue statements while trying to distance themselves from the alleged gang.

The Prosecution is expected to continue closing statements at 10  tomorrow morning.