President of Jamaica’s newly registered third political party, United Independents’ Congress, UIC, Joseph Patterson, says his party will campaign on a platform of economic empowerment.

He says the party’s message will be ‘helping people to help themselves’.

According to Mr. Patterson, the UIC will be preaching financial independence to Jamaicans.

Mr. Patterson says the UIC will also seek to eliminate the scourge of corruption that’s affecting the island through constitutional amendments.

He says it’s time for the country to have a genuine third choice to the JLP and PNP which has dominated Jamaica’s political landscape over the last 75 years.

According to Mr. Patterson, the UIC will overcome the obstacles that have stifled the success of third parties over the years.

He says the party has already set up an executive.

The UIC President says the party’s chairman is Humphrey Sutherland, one of the vice presidents is Nayehama Grandison, the party’s general secretary is Shelian Gayle and its treasurer is Keneisha Dixon.

Mr. Patterson says the UIC is working diligently to ensure they have a presence in all fourteen parishes and all 63 constituencies.

Joseph Patterson, President of Jamaica’s newly registered political party, the United Independents’ Congress, UIC.

He was speaking yesterday on Nationwide @ 5 with Cliff Hughes and Franklin McKnight.

Yesterday, the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, ECJ, announced that it has officially recognized the UIC as the country’s third registered political party under the amended Representation of the People Act of 2016.