Authorities in Preston in the United Kingdom are blaming the Jamaican courts for holding up an inquest that was due to be held today.

The Lancashire Evening Post newspaper reports that an inquest was scheduled into the death of 59-year-old Jamaican, Errol Bennett.

Bennett, who’s described as a leading figure in Preston’s Caribbean community, was spending time at his holiday villa in Jamaica when he was hacked to death with a machete in 2011.

In March, his nephew, Joseph Clifton Bennett, was found guilty of the murder and jailed for a minimum of 40 years.

He’d been on the run for nine months before he was picked up by police.

The trial took another two-and-a-half years to conclude due to a series of administrative delays.

Today’s inquest into the death has been called off because, according to the Post, a court transcript requested by the coroner in Preston still has not been sent by the Jamaican Supreme Court.

Bennett’s daughter, Zoe, complained to the Post that the Jamaican authorities are holding up the inquest.

She said, “We weren’t able to get out to Jamaica to attend the trial, so this was going to be our moment to get closure for the whole family and for my dad’s dignity.

“We have been urging the Foreign Office to push the authorities out there in Jamaica to speed things up all along. Yet, nearly four years after he was killed, we are still getting delays. It’s cruel.”