Police in England have opened an investigation into the vile online abuse aimed at Jamaican born English international footballer Raheem Sterling.

This after Sterling agreed to leave English Premier League side Liverpool for Manchester City, for a transfer fee reported at 49-million pounds.

The 20-year-old, who has been trying to force through a move away from Anfield for months, is set to become the most expensive English player of all time when he signs his contract.

To say that Raheem Sterling’s pending deal has angered some Liverpool supporters, is to terribly understate the reaction to the record breaking transfer.

The player has been targeted online with racial abuse and threats against his three-year-old daughter, Melody Rose, on twitter.

One user, tweeted on Sunday evening that they were going to hunt Sterling’s daughter down and lock her up.

The user called Sterling an ‘effing nigger’ and accused him of betraying Liverpool for money, while noting that such behaviour was typical of an ‘effing bastard’.

Another user posted that they would love to see Sterling in a red kit again. Not playing for Liverpool, but his City kit being soaked in his own blood.

One user cursed Sterling for being a greedy Englishman, but was quickly corrected by another user who noted that he was instead a greedy Jamaican.

A spokesman for the Merseyside Police says the language used in the tweets is abhorrent.

He says the police are taking the incident extremely seriously and an investigation by detectives in Liverpool is ongoing.

The Police Spokesman adds that people who use the Internet to target others and who commit criminal offences such as harassment or hate crime in doing so are not beyond the law and can expect to be brought to justice.’

Last week a teenager was sent hundreds of abusive messages by fans who believed his phone number belonged to Sterling.

The 17-year-old boy received over 5-hundred calls and 3-hundred texts after his number was posted online, with at least one message reading: ‘Kill yourself’.