A UK criminologist and urban youth specialist is calling on Jamaica to utilize what he calls a ‘Public Health Response’ to tackle the crisis of crime.

Craig Pinkney– who’s also a Gang Exit Strategist and Mediator, says addressing trauma must be a critical part of that response.

Mr. Pinkney was speaking yesterday afternoon at the Justice Ministry’s Interactive Session on ‘Building Personal and Community Competencies for Peace’ Forum. He also made a call for regional collaborative efforts to tackle the scourge of murders in Jamaica. And Mr. Pinkney says young people must be more engaged in positive society initiatives in order to steer them away from criminal activities.

Mr. Pinkney says healing for those suffering from trauma as a result of violence, is critical to any crime-fighting effort. He says we should use a method that investigates the causes and use that to guide policy formulation.

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The UK Crime expert says another critical aspect of fighting crime, is addressing how people are socialized. He says the refusal to engage the voices of young people, tend to steer them in the company of gangs.

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He says those responding to crime and violence need to understand how criminals operate.

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Jamaica has so far recorded in excess of 100- murders in the first month of 2018. The Police have maintained that a majority of murders in Jamaica are gang-related.

In the meantime, Mr. Pinkney says Social media is facilitating a narcissistic attitude to violence and crime among our young people. He says this is leading them to engage in harmful activities.

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The UK criminologist says Social media is also leading to a normalization of violence in our society.

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